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Browse Our Cars for Sale Under $20K

Here at Flower Motor Company, we have nothing but quality new, certified pre-owned, and used vehicles for sale. And one of them is right for your Ridgway lifestyle. But if you have a tight budget, don’t want to spend a ton of cash, yet want a reliable vehicle to last several more years, our cars for sale under $20k offer the perfect choice.

See why a car for sale under $20k might be the correct option:

  • You’ll pay less for a quality used vehicle
  • A wide variety of makes and models
  • Modern features at low prices

Any vehicle manufactured in 2010 or later can give you well over 200,000 miles. If you want a car that’s got some advanced safety features, look for one that’s seven years old or newer.

AWD Cars Under $20K

Yes, you can find an AWD car under $20K on our lot. Look for a used Toyota Camry, Hyundai Accent, Cadillac ATS, or Subaru Legacy. Investing in one of our AWD cars under $20K makes it easier to handle rough weather in Delta.

Sports Car Under $20K

Have a need for speed? You can have that with a sports car under $20K on our lot. Look for a pre-owned Mazda Miata, Ford Mustang, Dodge Charger, or Chevy Camaro. You can own a piece of Americana or a zippy car with our selection of sports cars under $20K.

Fast Cars Under $20K

You can still get a fast car under $20K without owning a sports car. Look for a Nissan Sentra, Volkswagen Passat, or even a Honda Accord if you want to put a little pep in your Telluride commute. These fast cars under $20K look great and feel great when you’re passing traffic.

Why Choose Cars for Sale Under $20K?

You’ve got several advantages to purchasing a model with this price tag. It may seem counter-intuitive when you want a quality car to last as long as possible. But you have several good reasons for selecting a car for sale under $20K from us.

  • More Cost-Effective: Buying a used car helps you save money on a quality vehicle that enhances your overall driving experience.
  • Slower Depreciation: The value of a new car starts diminishing once you leave the dealership. Used cars under $20K have already depreciated much of their value, so they’ll lose value more slowly as they continue to age.
  • Less Chance for Negative Equity: Negative equity means you owe more on your car loan than what it’s worth. You could have to continue paying on an auto loan even if you don’t own the vehicle anymore! Financing a used car for sale under $20K usually means you’ll have a smaller car loan, which could reduce the chances of negative equity.
  • Reliability: Our quality used cars under $20k can last for many years when properly cared for and with regular check-ups at our service center. Most cars built since 2010 can last more than 200,000 miles thanks to modern engineering and better materials.

Why Buy a Car for Sale Under $20K From Us?

We understand we’re not the only used vehicle dealership in Montrose. But we rise above the competition thanks to these perks:

  • A wide range of money-saving pre-owned vehicle specials
  • A convenient location that’s easy to get to from Telluride
  • Competitive prices on everything we sell
  • Service specials to help you take care of your vehicle
  • And much more!

Test Drive a Car for Sale Under $20K

Ready to get behind the wheel? Contact us or call 970-615-1941 to schedule a test drive with our team. We think one of these cars will impress you!

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